Wendy Plotkin-Mates

at Sterling & Burke, Washington, DC

"Wendy Plotkin-Mates approaches the canvas to capture the sensations of colors and culture from around the world. The result: exceptionally strong and unique abstract paintings rich with color, shapes, texture and sense of place. She believes that focusing upon the abstract medium allows her to convey the message:that art, like life itself is a complex, layered journey where anything is possible." 

"As each country has its own cultural spirit, Plotkin-Mates' works thrive on a diversity of style and format, each piece possessing a unique energy. From the Galapagos Islands, to Italy, Kenya, Prague and Costa Rica,Plotkin-Mates' work absolutely and cleverly transcends landscape interpretations of place, to capture the deeper essence of people, nature and meaning of place." 

Sandy Bellamy, Esq.


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Washington, District of Columbia