49" by 56" framed

Twenty-Six Star American Flag

  • Twenty-six stars is the earliest known star count for printed flags, 1837 - 1846, celebrating Michigan Statehood, Its Canton Resting on the “WAR” Stripe.

    This flag was the official flag of the United States until Florida’s statehood in 1845. This particular flag is unique because it was presented to the Medical Director of the U.S. Navy, Dr. Issac Brinckerhuff for his service from 1802 - 1874. The original presentation of this flag included a hand-painted inscribed plate, which is included on the bottom of the frame. There are only a handful of 26 Star parade Flags known to exist, possibly fewer than 20.

    The design of the stars, 4 rows of 6 with 2 staggered stars on the right side, make 2 exaggerated “C”, this design is quite rare and is seldom scene in star counts other than 26. The fact that the canton rests on a red stripe is an extremely rare trait as well, it is a highly desired feature that is not seen often.




Washington, District of Columbia